About RAMM

RAMM Technologies was established in 1998. The company provides solutions that enable private and public sector enterprise to digitize their business and migrate business operations to the realm of data driven decision making. The company operates on the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, in accordance to the standards set by the framework for Industry 4.0.

RAMM Technologies provides turnkey services and solutions that span the entire data value chain, starting with collection from remote measurement points, establishing secure and spontaneous data transfer over a multitude of networks and providing accurate real time data analysis and visualisation in the form of flexible and intelligent reporting.

Through its team of geospatial and electronic development engineers, combined with its own 24/7/365 technical operations centre, RAMM continues to design, supply and operate new service models that provides its clients with complete business insight, improved efficiencies and superior customer service.

Mission Statement

Provide excellent 

Realtime Asset Monitoring and Management Services

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We aim to create long lasting relationships with our clients. We offer both the technology and sustainable management solutions that will contribute significantly towards the effective utilization of your management processes.

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