Asset Management


Remote asset monitoring and management is an essential component for any private or public sector organisation to improve efficiencies and reduce losses, whilst minimising cost.


Depending on the asset class, real time or near real time accurate asset counts and assessments are required, in order to obtain an optimal utilisation and return on assets deployed.


RAMM Technologies has deployed numerous forms of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology since 1998, and today manages almost 1 million tagged assets on a weekly basis.


The integration of RFID and mobile communication technologies, together with GPS geolocation, means that RAMM is able to provide accurate real time geo-referenced data detailing the precise location of multiple asset classes.


This allows for an accurate audit trail, asset lifecycle management, recovery of stolen assets, increased levels of productivity for the workforce, improved customer experience and valuable business intelligence for the enterprise.


The use of modern asset monitoring and management technology today can bring multiple benefits to the following application areas:








In the highly complex world of medical care, radio frequency (RFID) based asset and workforce management solutions provide effective solutions in combatting mistakes and inefficiencies, that in turn lead to damage to health, expensive litigation or even loss of life. 


RAMM Technologies has developed such solutions to assist hospital management and staff in performing their daily tasks thus enhancing productivity and providing legal compliance. 


  • Increased productivity

  • Improved patient care

  • Optimal utilisation of assets

  • Comprehensive asset register and accountability


RAMM Technologies offers the medical industry an effective way of managing lifecycle logistics right from the order stage, throughout the distribution chain, and to the patient dispensing stage. By combining asset management to our Internet of things (IoT) platform, we manage logistics, effective lifetime and environmental requirements for medicines from a single platform.


  • No more supply shortages or overstocking

  • No wastage from expired medicines

  • No litigation due to incorrect or expired medication

  • Increasing patient’s safety and comfort

Equipment and Assets

RAMM Technologies provide a wide variety of RFID based solutions in order to provide geographic asset mapping, location identification and movement data.


This provides a comprehensive location based overview of hospital equipment such as beds, chairs, linen and diagnostic equipment.


  • Location of equipment & assets

  • Reducing shrinkage from loss or theft

  • Faster patient care response

  • Better utilisation of equipment

  • Proactive maintenance of equipment

Patient and Medical Personnel Tracking

In an environment where minutes can make the difference between life and death and where critical skills are required at the correct location in the right time to prevent fatalities, knowledge about workforce and patient location are of utmost importance.


Using RAMM’s RFID based wearable solutions, patients and medical personnel can be located anywhere inside the medical facility and can be directed to the correct facilities or where they are needed most.


  • Improved patient care

  • Reduced waiting times

  • Optimised registrations

  • Patient identification

  • Auditable workforce optimisation

Medical Waste

The disposal of medical waste is highly regulated. By tagging medical waste containers with RFID technology, compliance to legislation can be monitored and enforced.

The system provided by RAMM Technologies is able to assist with the controlling and managing of all medical waste throughout its lifecycle right to the stage of safe disposal.


  • Audit trail on waste removal

  • Enforcement of compliance

  • Elimination of health risks

  • Assurance of compliant disposal


Fleet Asset Management


RAMM Technologies has been supplying fleet management systems since 1998.


Traditional fleet management systems have evolved from stolen vehicle recovery to include vehicle scheduling, routing and driver behaviour analysis.


In 2016, RAMM Technologies took the lead to expand this offering and bring a full integration of driver and workforce management to our clients business.


Now in 2019, RAMM Technologies has furthermore launched an integration of fuel and asset management to this offering. Our integrated reporting and analytics engine is able to provide flexible, intelligent visualisations of multiple data sets for an optimal analysis of resource and asset utilisation across multiple sectors of the business. Coupled to our integration skills to existing ERP systems, RAMM Technologies is well positioned to assist our clients in the digitisation of their enterprise.


This enables our clients to integrate their business processes to the fleet management, asset management and mobile workforce component, and in turn provide an improved service to their own customers.

  • 24 / 7 / 365 Technical Operations Centre support

  • Stolen vehicle recovery

  • On-site technical support

  • Real time visual monitoring capabilities

  • Driver accountability

  • Vehicle utilization

  • Fuel consumption tracking and monitoring

  • Customisable reports and analysis

  • Asset registration and auditing

  • Business Intelligence


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