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Cylinder Management


Management of cylinders is one of the biggest headaches for most companies. A comprehensive asset monitoring and management solution is an essential component of every organisation to improve efficiencies and reduce losses, whilst minimising costs.

RAMM Technologies provides the industries with track and trace capabilities of cylinders throughout the supply chain.

RAMM Technologies' solution integrates a combination of auto-identification technologies to uniquely identify, track and manage each cylinder. The accurate transacted data is integrated with business analytics enabling industries to make data-driven decisions in near real-time.

The Benefits

Monitor Supply Chain KPI’s

Cost Savings

Complete traceability of Cylinders throughout the Supply Chain

Minimize Theft &

Enhance Recovery of Theft/Lost Cylinders

Cylinder Lifecycle Management


Decision Making & Interventions

Visibility on Customer Consumption & Usage Rate

Improve Workforce
Productivity & Management 

How it works

RAMM Technologies solution is fully customizable and provides you with near real-time geolocation of your consumable goods. 

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