Smart City


Smart Cities have embraced technology to help manage their resources and service delivery to its citizens, whilst securing revenue collection and building sustainability.


In the face of an ever increasing urbanisation and a need to balance the effect of social and economic differences, whilst providing a safe environment for a diverse and multicultural population, the required objectives can only be fulfilled through the integration of people, processes and technology.

In emerging economies, revenue collection and the optimal use of resources in service delivery, becomes the single biggest contributor towards building sustainable growth and prosperity for all. Smart City initiatives are therefore driven by the need for an effective revenue assurance model. RAMM has developed an integrated geospatial platform for the management of:

  • Utility services such as electricity, water, and solid waste collections

  • Fleet operations including mobile workforce management

  • Fixed and movable assets


Our Smart City solution is based on the RAMM Internet of Things (IoT) platform, which aggregates measurement data from remote devices and serves as an analytical and reporting platform, in order to verify service delivery and optimise processes and resource efficiency. Our platform has been developed to integrate numerous device standards over a multitude of available network protocols, such as GSM, GPRS, SIGFOX and LORA.

Through an integration with the City’s operational processes and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools, the data that is provided by the RAMM Smart City solution ensures that service delivery obligations are matched to revenue collections. At an operational level, the RAMM data analytics tool allows our customers to shift from reactive to proactive resource and intervention management.


  • Improving service delivery

  • Effective distribution of resources

  • Consistent, comprehensive and current data

  • Revenue assurance

  • Cost saving

  • Centralised event management

Green Belt and Facilities Management

RAMM Parks & Recreation Management Solutions aims to enhance the quality of life for citizens and visitors, through the provision of world class facilities and programmes, thereby contributing to a world class sport and recreation destination. RAMM Parks & Recreation Management plans, monitor and assess maintenance.


  • RAMM Explorer Platform – Geocode each facility and create an asset register

  • RFID of movable equipment, so as to monitor more effectively

    • Asset location

    • Asset under or over utilisation / wrong allocation

    • Correction procurement

    • Repair and maintenance over asset life cycle

  • Workflow – Technology to address a paperless job card system

  • Efficient data capturing

  • Repairs, maintenance and services through management reports

  • Business Intelligence / Analytics for management decision making and planning.

Solid Waste Management


RAMM Solid Waste Management Solutions allows for comprehensive and efficient collection, disposal planning and waste management. The system equips you with insight into your fleets and operational requirements for efficient collection and waste disposal.


  • Bin asset register and monitoring

  • Improving service delivery

  • Increase in revenue

  • Improving operational efficiencies and visibility

    • Detailed service delivery

    • Route planning

    • Enabling vehicle utilisation and productivity analysis

Fleet Management

RAMM Technologies has been supplying fleet management systems since 1998.


Traditional fleet management systems have evolved from stolen vehicle recovery to include vehicle scheduling, routing and driver behaviour analysis.


In 2016, RAMM Technologies took the lead to expand this offering and bring a full integration of driver and workforce management to our client's business.


Now in 2019, RAMM Technologies has furthermore launched an integration of fuel and asset management to this offering. Our integrated reporting and analytics engine is able to provide flexible, intelligent visualisations of multiple data sets for an optimal analysis of resource and asset utilisation across multiple sectors of the business. Coupled to our integration skills to existing ERP systems, RAMM Technologies is well positioned to assist our clients in the digitisation of their enterprise.


This enables our clients to integrate their business processes to the fleet management, asset management and mobile workforce component, and in turn provide an improved service to their own customers.

  •  24 / 7 / 365 Technical Operations Centre support

  •   Stolen vehicle recovery

  •   On-site technical support

  •   Real time visual monitoring capabilities

  •   Driver accountability

  •   Vehicle utilization reports

  •   Fuel consumption tracking and monitoring

  •   Customisable reports and analysis

  •   Asset registration and auditing

  •   Business Intelligence

Water Management Solutions


RAMM Water Management Solutions balances water supply and demand with techniques, equipment and technology.  The system utilizes automated metering technology which allows for preventative maintenance and effective reactive maintenance.


  • Minimizing water loss

  • Early leak detection

  • Water revenue accountability

  • Proactive maintenance allowing for more effective operations

  • Automating accurate real time data capture

  • Assisting management through Business Intelligence

Roads / Transport Development Authority

RAMM Roads & Transport Solutions combines the functions of spatial planning and urban development, the management of environmental resources and affordable housing to align municipal policies and strategies to address their challenges.


  • Geocoding of facilities and creation of asset registration

  • Monitoring of

    • Asset location

    • Asset utilization

    • Correction procurement

    • Repair and maintenance over asset life cycle

  • Wireless and paperless recording

  • Business Intelligence / Analytics for management decision making and planning.

Mobile Terminals

RAMM Mobile Terminal Management Solutions is a mobile innovator for the collection, processing and distribution of data to and from a workforce using the latest technologies available in the wireless arena.

Business processes and information acquisition occurs daily in all sectors of industry.  The availability of this data in one centralised repository assists with the business strategy, so as to make informed decisions in real time.


  • Wireless and paperless

  • Data accuracy

  • Centralising data collection

  • Lowering of operational costs


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