The FMCG Industry

RAMM is able to use identification and tractability in the FMCG industry to monitor from farm to table. Our solution will be able to monitor and measure temperature, humidity and time along the perishable food supply chain (PFSC), which will benefit managers and customers by providing real-time product information and complete temperature and humidity history.

RAMM uses RFID technology to track and trace perishable produce and includes IoT sensors to measure temperature and humidity during storage and transportation.

What you could expect

Traceability of Product

Adherence to Food Safety Protocols 

Improved Operational Efficiencies

Increased Accountability and Productivity

What We Track

and the Benefits



Streamline Productivity

Product Visibility

Warehouse Transparency

Operation Efficiency

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Picking Pallets


Driver Accountability

Driver Behaviour 

Geolocation Tracking

Track and Trace of Products

Streamline Operations

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring




Bulk Product Identification

Single Product Identification

Track and Trace of Products

Streamline Operations

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Product History
Packages on Shelves



Audit Trail 

Food Safety Protocols Adherence

Traceability of Product

Timeline Efficiency –

Operational Fluidity

Increased Accountability 


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