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Internet of Things (IoT)

Virtual Reality Goggles

RAMM designs, develops and manufactures solutions that enable remote measurement, ensure online data transmission, and provide valuable insight by analyzing and displaying this data in a number of reports and dashboards that bring value to the enterprise.

The reports and analytical insights are made available to the operations team, executives, and customers, tailored to the requirements of each role.

Data sets from multiple measurements and diverse data sources are combined to provide an overall view on the performance of people, assets, and infrastructure. This allows you to improve your operational and financial efficiencies, reduce costs, and provide an enhanced customer experience to their clients.

The Benefits

Remote Real Time Data Analytics

Cost Savings

Centralized Management

Real Time Audit Trail

Integration  with Financial
& Operational Systems

Data-Driven Decision Making

How it works

We offer integration of the data structures to our clients operational and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools, giving customers complete transparency, control and management of their business solutions

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