Smart City Solution

RAMM Technologies Smart City Solution makes use of collecting, measuring, monitoring and presenting data for municipalities to manage effectively and make informed decisions. 

Data sets from multiple measurements and diverse data sources are combined in order to verify service delivery and optimize processes and resource efficiency. 


RAMM's integrated geospatial platform allows for

the monitoring and management of:

- Utility services

- Fleet operations including

- Mobile workforce management

- Fixed and movable assets

How it works

Smart City.png

We offer integration of the City’s operational processes and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools. The data provided by the RAMM Smart City solution ensures that service delivery obligations are matched to revenue collections. At an operational level, the RAMM data analytics tool allows our customers to shift from reactive to proactive management.

What you could expect

Improved Service Delivery

Effective Distribution of Resources

Centralised Event Management

Consistent, Comprehensive & Current

Data Collection

Revenue Assurance

Cost Saving

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