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RAMM Technologies provides the perfect solution for every business.

Modern, professional vCards with unlimited exchanges.

An innovative way for smarter networking. 

RAMM’s vCard is the perfect business card for any business. No matter your line of work, you need clients and they need you. So, stay at the forefront of technology and make your contact details easily available.


The Benefits


Contactless & Unlimited Sharing

Environmentally Friendly

Link your websites & social media channels

Cost Savings

Up-Dateable; never distribute incorrect/outdated information again

Integrate with your Booking systemts

Add links, PDFS, Videos, Images & Products


Share your business card with just a click of a button via, QR codes, Emails, WhatsApp, or other social media platforms. Instantly connect with people worldwide and enhance the capturing of your contact information.

RAMM’s vCards are customizable virtual business cards, available in 3 options;

Lite, Standard and Premium

Premium vCards' most unique feature is the integration with your online booking system. These cards enable you to add authentic videos, images and pdfs, social media links and web URLs. Not to mention advertise your products or services.

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