Workforce Management refers to the scheduling and tracking of the workforce in connection with the use of vehicles and assets for the repair and maintenance of infrastructure, as defined in works orders and job cards.

Using different forms of RFID technology, RAMM Technologies has developed workforce logging and tagging solutions, and is able to link workforce related data to asset and fleet data, thereby providing an overall view of all resources that have been deployed to fulfil specified tasks.

This means that complete cost and efficiency controls are in place, that workforce utilisation can be maximised and that accountability is maintained. The system has been designed to eliminate human error and fraudulent transactions.

Workforce Management is important to develop key performance indicators and highlight bottlenecks and inefficiencies during service and maintenance routines. It furthermore assists to optimise scheduling and monitor productive and non-productive hours.

The effectiveness of training and upskilling programs can now be measured and adjusted in order to gain maximum benefits from such investments.

Especially for remote or mobile field workers, Workforce Management is an essential component of any efficient business operation.


  • Accurate job scheduling

  • Time and cost control

  • Efficient resource utilisation

  • Cost reduction

  • Enhanced workforce safety

Workforce Management

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